The information on this site is for those who wish to improve their
  chances for survival after the coming pending pole shift. 

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PDFAnatomy-2017.pdf NEW651.5 KB1/7/2017
PDFComparative_anatomy-2017.pdf NEW168.7 KB1/7/2017
PDFGray's_Anatomy-2017.pdf NEW151.7 KB1/7/2017
PDFHistology-2017.pdf NEW290.0 KB1/7/2017
PDFHistory_of_anatomy-2017.pdf NEW332.9 KB1/7/2017
PDFOutline_Of_Human_Anatomy-2017.pdf NEW86.10 MB1/7/2017
PDFOutline_of_human_anatomy_FM-2017.pdf NEW299.2 KB1/7/2017
PDFPlant_anatomy-2017.pdf NEW170.1 KB1/7/2017
PDFSurface_anatomy-2017.pdf NEW84.7 KB1/7/2017