The information on this site is for those who wish to improve their
  chances for survival after the coming pending pole shift. 

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PDFAnorexia_Symptom-2017.pdf NEW46.4 KB1/7/2017
PDFBlacklight-2017.pdf NEW215.4 KB1/5/2017
PDFHypervitaminosis_or_Too_Much_D-2017.pdf NEW89.6 KB1/7/2017
PDFLight_Therapy-2017.pdf NEW107.8 KB1/5/2017
PDFPolydipsia-2017.pdf NEW47.8 KB1/7/2017
PDFPolyuria-2017.pdf NEW144.8 KB1/7/2017
PDFUltraviolet-2017.pdf NEW374.5 KB1/5/2017
PDFUV-B_Lamps-2017.pdf NEW35.2 KB1/5/2017
PDFUV_Light_Needed_for_Vitamin-D_Production_to_Keep_Bones_Healthy-2017.pdf NEW134.1 KB1/14/2017
PDFVitamin_D-2017.pdf NEW316.9 KB1/7/2017
PDFVitamin_D_Deficiency-2017.pdf NEW159.5 KB1/7/2017