The information on this site is for those who wish to improve their
  chances for survival after the coming pending pole shift. 

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PDFAdhesion-2017.pdf NEW297.3 KB1/1/2017
PDFAdhesive-2017.pdf NEW405.3 KB1/1/2017
PDFAnimal_Glue-2017.pdf NEW195.8 KB1/1/2017
PDFDry_Glue-2017.pdf NEW99.7 KB1/1/2017
PDFEpoxy-2017.pdf NEW362.1 KB1/1/2017
PDFGelatin-2017.pdf NEW297.0 KB1/1/2017
PDFGorilla_Glue-2017.pdf NEW109.9 KB1/1/2017
PDFHoof_Glue-2017.pdf NEW71.9 KB1/1/2017
PDFHow_To_Make_Glue_From_Common_Items_2009.pdf76.5 KB10/10/2010
PDFHydrolysis-2017.pdf NEW207.1 KB1/1/2017
PDFMaking_Pitch_Glue_2010.pdf199.7 KB10/10/2010
PDFRabbit-Skin_Glue-2017.pdf NEW91.9 KB1/1/2017
PDFRendering_Animal_Products-2017.pdf NEW144.4 KB1/1/2017
PDFThermosetting_Polymer-2017.pdf NEW142.9 KB1/1/2017