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PDFAmerican_Sign_Language_Alphabet_2004.pdf102.2 KB10/7/2010
PDFAnimal_Language-2017.pdf NEW372.0 KB1/2/2017
PDFAnthropology-2016.pdf NEW614.8 KB12/28/2016
PDFAnthropology_of_Religion-2016.pdf NEW109.9 KB12/28/2016
PDFBinary_Code-2017.pdf NEW170.5 KB1/3/2017
PDFBraille-2017.pdf NEW523.7 KB1/3/2017
PDFLanguage-2017.pdf NEW1.1 MB1/2/2017
PDFUnderstanding_Child_Language_Development_2004.pdf113.5 KB10/7/2010
PDFUnicode-2017.pdf NEW300.5 KB1/3/2017