The information on this site is for those who wish to improve their
  chances for survival after the coming pending pole shift. 

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TXTCaravans_1979.txt13.5 KB8/1/1999
TXTRoadblocks_1979.txt13.2 KB8/1/1999
TXTShangri_1981.txt8.9 KB8/1/1999
PDFShort_Term_Emergency_Preparedness_Kits_2011.pdf54.6 KB3/1/2012
PDFShort_Term_Emergency_Supplies_Planning_List-2016.pdf54.1 KB5/5/2016
TXTTravel_1999.txt11.0 KB8/1/1999
TXTTrouble_1999.txt2.8 KB8/1/1999
TXTUrban2_1996.txt6.7 KB1/26/2004